Farewell Opa…


Is what we called our generous grandfather. He passed away a week ago, while I was travelling and visiting my family in Germany. Without any further questions we took the earliest flight we could get to fly back to Jakarta, to see our beloved opa for the very last time. All family members went back from all over the countries  to show our great honour.

90th years old, but still strong, smart, kind, loyal and always cared for other people. 3 months before his last day, he looked everywhere for his wedding ring and kept wearing it every single day. Maybe he was in so much pain, but he never complained, he didn’t want to make anyone worried. Or maybe he could not wait to see his one and only love, his wife, who had been called by God few years back. Few days before his death, he took a saw to cut his starfruit tree, planted in his garden. He was very weak then, but he insisted to clean his garden, just to make sure his garden would look neat before his departure. Just to make sure, people who live together with him, would not need to clean the garden, because everything has been taken care off. He told everyone where he normally put his tools and told them to use it whenever needed. It broke my heart when i heard that story. Even on his very last day, the only thing he cared about was to help everyone and not to trouble everyone with his departure from life.

It happened so quick, we were all in shock, no screaming pain, no machine to help him breath, it was all very natural and quick, just like he always wanted.  Maybe  its time for us to let him go…

I  took this portrait of him early this year. The last time I met, hugged and kissed him in person. I remembered taking this photo before I got on the car to leave his house. He was sitting outside at the terrace, watching us, his kids and grandchildrens leaving one by one.. he was smiling.. he looked very happy to see us. I regreted that i didnt had a chance to show this portrait to him.

Maybe he knew, he might not be able to see some of us again. So many unanswered questions popping out  in our  heads, but we can only answer them with ‘maybes’…

Another day, another flight to Melbourne. Everyone is going away, going their separate ways… trying to move on and except reality…

But… Dearest Opa…. We are so proud of you, for your kindness and setting a great role-model. You will always be in our heart…..

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Weekend Away..

PERTH,  The best things about traveling with the locals are —  one, we don’t have to read a city guide, two– they always bring us to hip places, and last — always enjoy best food in town …


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Town Secrets

what’s the most effective way to demolish an abandon warehouse ?

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New ‘Old Work’..

After spending many years, separated from my big family.. I finally got a chance to see them last Christmas, we had a family gathering at our grandparent’s house… Met my cousins, nieces and nephews, it was amazing to see how our family grows.. Children popping out of nowhere.. I remembered, when I was very young, I used to run around at my Grandparents’ garden, chasing a chicken and a dog that they used to have.  The next day I know, I am one of the ‘older’ generation.

Above is a portrait of one of my very cute nephew. There’s something about him that attract my attention so much. He doesn’t talk much at that time, but he likes to wonder. I think he has a very creative imagination…

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Exhibition in Sydney

A portrait that I did for an exhibition in Sydney last year, with Contacts Photography.

The concept was “what is red?”. For me, red is source of life, a very strong energy, that give deep impact to living creature.

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A couple months ago, I was in the middle of packing for moving houses, and received a phone call. I was trilled and surprise, Capture Magazine wants to use my image entry for they magazine cover. Wohoo.. I had a vague memory submitting some entries for  their competitions, but it was sometimes last year, I wasn’t quite sure what it was. So, without further questions, I sent them the hi-res file that would fit their specification and sort…..
Few months later, Sally Brownbill gave me a call and told me she saw my image on Capture cover. I went to the closes book store, and had a look…. and YAY!! …. apparently, I was the  AUSTRALIA’s EMERGING PHOTOGRAPHERS  winner in Advertising category.
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hello dubai

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Hello world!

Hello world..!! yes.. that’s the first title you get from using WordPress software. Thanks for my best-est friend and the most talented software engineer in the whole world, Mohammad Ariawan,  for putting my blog together. Now I can get connected and start showing my old and recent work, that has been hiding inside my 2 ++TB hard drive for many years…

Having said that, I would also like to share my thoughts and source of inspirations, links to great creative site. Hope this will be inspiring for you all, as much as it does for me..

Please do not hesitate to leave comments, ask questions or anything you can think off.

Thanks for all your support and get me this far. I’ll try my best to be committed to this blog and upload more photos…..


Avant Card 2009
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